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Description:   Little and very fast functionality for assync animation in JavaScript. This functionality allows to divide redraw - FPS (frame per second) and update UPS (update per second) processes with corrections. As result it's possible to create nice fast animation that will work with same speed on fast and on slow devices.

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Lupa Animation Enviorment Lupa is an environment compreending visualization and animation for distributed systems that uses the concept of checkpointing to construct animation sequences of the algorithms.

Mimic - JavaScript XML-RPC Client Mimic is a JavaScript implementation of client-side XML-RPC protocol, compliant with IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome. Mimic is able to produce XML-RPC requests and process XML-RPC responses, allowing the creation of WebService clients.

PDF Javascript Stripper This Java utility removes the Javascript parts from a PDF document. It is based on the iText library. It is useful to avoid injection/phishing attacks.

TripleTap javascript Control A javascript TripleTap control for MediaCenter web pages. This is my first experiment on MediaCenter. This control allow to writes text by remote control, in simplest mode, using tripletap methods (used first time on Cellulars to send Sms)...

VJS: Visual JavaScript VJS: Visual JavaScript is an IDE and a platform for visually creating Rich Internet Applications.

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X stories Javascript source web theme X stories web Javascript source theme If you have some stories and want make some interactive Webpage weblog of them using frames not supported in all browsers. If you have some stories and want make some interactive Webpage weblog of them using frames not supported ...

osg animation library Animation library for the OpenSceneGraph graphics project- provides motion for 3D objects, textures, buttons and menus. OSG provides lights; producer provides cameras, osgAction makes;;; Lights, Cameras, Action!

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Jsar (JavaScript Animation editoR) Jsar lets you create new Javascript/DHTML animations in a WYSIWYG way, it doesn't require any prior knowledge of javascript or DHTML.

JavaScript Window Manager JSWM is a JavaScript window manager built on scriptaculous. It allows you to generate new windows, or wrap existing content. Windows can be moved, resized, collapsed, closed, maximised, tiled, cascaded and also support multiple tabs. JavaScript libraries designed to extend JavaScript by emulating the C# programming language.

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